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Clam Ice Armor Extreme suit

Clam has forever been a leader and innovator in the ice fishing industry.  They continue to put out new products that revolutionize the sport, year after year, whether it be portable ice houses, ice fishing accessories or clothing.  One of the most important factors of a successful ice fishing outing for me is comfort.  There is no worse feeling than to be fishing in the elements with inadequate gear.  One of the most popular products to hit the shelves in the last few years has been ice fishing suits, specifically designed to put up with the extreme elements and abuse that ice fishing entails.

The Clam Ice Armor Extreme suit is the cream of the crop when it comes to ice fishing suits on the market.  This suit is 100% waterproof and windproof, which makes it ideal for more than just ice fishing.  I do a ton of early spring and late fall open water fishing in northern Minnesota, and am often times fishing in near freezing temps, dealing with heavy rain and spray, sleet and even snow.  The Ice Armor suit being 100% windproof and waterproof keeps me warm and dry, no matter what conditions or time of year I am fishing.  The suits are also breathable, which is crucial for times when I am drilling a bunch of holes or start working up a sweat, as the inner suit will stay dry and keep me warm.

One of my favorite features on the Ice Armor Extreme suit is the padded knees and rear end.  As any serious ice angler will tell you, being mobile and “ice trolling” (hole hopping) is often the best way to stay on the bite and catch the most fish.  This means you will not always be sitting in your portable or wheelhouse, and you will be jumping from hole to hole with just your rod and sonar/flasher, spending a lot of time on your knees while at each hole.  After a few hours of doing this, if you’re like me, your knees start to ache.  This all stopped after I started using my Ice Armor suit.  There are strong pads in both knees, as well as the rear end, giving you much added comfort while doing this style of fishing.  The padded read end also gives you a noticeable improvement in comfort when you sit down.

The Ice Armor suit is constructed with 8 fleece lined and zippered pockets on the outside of the jacket.  There are another 2 zippered pockets on the inside of the jacket, as well as an additional 2 pockets on the bibs.  When I am ice fishing, I usually have my pockets loaded with stuff from my truck keys, bait pucks, small tackle boxes, phone, etc.  These suits have the much needed pocket space to keep all of my personal belongings on me and organized, which keeps them from falling down the hole.

The suit also has neoprene cuffs on the jacket, which will keep your arms dry when you are getting your hands wet from grabbing fish from your hole or minnows from the bucket.  There are also 2 strategically placed “D” hooks on the jacket, that allow you to clip on accessories like a nail clipper.  The jacket also has comfortable polyester lining, adding to the comfort level for the angler.  Additionally, there are 4 reflective safety strips on the jacket and bibs, which will allow snowmobilers for example to see you if you are fishing after dark.

RippinLip OutdoorsOnce you try on the Clam Ice Armor Extreme ice fishing suit for yourself, you will see what you have been missing!  This suit is a great investment for any fisherman or outdoorsman, who spends time out in the elements.  I use my suit not only for ice fishing, but also for open water fishing in the spring and fall, as well as other activities such as snowmobiling, snowboarding or if I am just going outside to shovel the sidewalk in the winter.  You will never see me wearing anything besides my Ice Armor suit when I am in the boat or on the ice.

Jake Miller
Born and raised in Minnesota, there is nothing I love more than enjoying the many pristine outdoors opportunities the Land of 10,000 Lakes has to offer.

8 Comments on "Product Review: Clam Ice Armor Extreme suit"

  1. Brian meyer says:

    I have ice armor extreme suit love it. Is there a product I can use to make it waterproof again?

  2. tony walton says:

    could you tell me if there is a waterproofing spray for my jacket and bibs

  3. Robert says:

    What waterproof? I just came in from fishing in a steady in 42 degree weather. I very wet and the suit must weigh 50 Lbs. soaking wet, like me. The bibs are especially porous, especially around the knees. I am quite disappointed especially considering the cost of this highly advertised suit. 100 percent waterproof.? Give me a break. This isn’t even 50 percent waterproof. It did take it a while to soak thru, though. Hopefully it will give me time to get inside or change to some real rainwear next time.

  4. Jon Meyers says:

    I know what you mean, It would be nice to have that saftey of a floating suit. Clam is such a big name in the industry though with all the experts and other products they have come out with they have revolutionized the ice fishing industry.

    I don’t think it will be long before the Striker suit catches on and you’ll see the price increasing. I’d pull the trigger now if you’re thinking about getting a new floating suit in the near future

  5. IFindFish says:

    I still don’t understand how Clam isn’t in the floating suit department. For the price you pay for a Ice Armor X suit you can get the new (and much better) Striker Ice floating suit.

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