George’s Minnesota Musky Expo This Weekend!


           Rippin Lip Outdoors is committed to lending a helping hand whenever and wherever we can help.  Recently I was able to do so by helping out at the children’s table during George’s Minnesota Musky Expo.  George Wahl, an honored musky fisherman and a kind hearted man, founded the Minnesota Musky Expo around 14 years ago which is held once every year in the Twin Cities.  George recently passed away in 2008 after battling cancer but his love for his friends and family and his passion for the sport a musky fishing will keep him in the hearts of many forever.

            Full of new innovative musky fishing lures, gear, accessories, and seminars George’s Musky Expo has something for every musky fanatic.  With companies such as Muskie Innovations, Thorne Brothers, and Musky Mayhem setting up booths for the show, there is definitely no lack of knowledge and experience throughout the weekend to answer any questions you may have.  Along with having well-known musky companies at the show there were also multiple seminars of many renowned  musky anglers such as Steve Worall and Tom Dietz. Although George founded the musky expo to bring all musky fisherman alike together there was actually a bigger reason at hand, the future of musky fishing, the kids.


  Bringing in big name sponsors and well-known seminar speakers is one thing but George’s musky expo is more of a family event than anything else.  The show dedicates an entire section just for kids to have fun, build lures, and learn about the never ending fun and joy fishing brings to one’s life.  “George’s Tackle Shop”, the name George gave it when the show first started, had a table for kids to build jigs, paint bulldogs, build buck-tails, and learn how to make litters.  Along with all this fun, the musky expo even sets up a trout pond in the back for kids to catch a trout and win a prize!  What more could a youngster ask for!


Running this booth may seem like a lot of work, but the beauty behind it is the fact that “George’s Tackle Shop” is run solely on kindred-hearted volunteers.  Thanks to volunteers such as Dave Knutson, his wife, and Paul Hartman there was never any lack of volunteers working to help out the overwhelming amount of kids that showed up every day, and plenty of supplies to work with!  It’s people like this that make fishing what it is today and I can’t stress enough how thankful and honored I felt to be part of the group all weekend. 


There’s no better feeling than giving back to the sport that you love and has done so much for you.  Seeing the kid’s faces light up when they make their first bucktail or paint their own bulldog made coming back every day easier and more enjoyable than the next.  I can’t wait for next year where I’m hoping to help out again, so if you’re around the Twin Cities come spring time make sure to check out to make sure you save the date for next year and don’t forget the family!      

Rip On…

Born and raised in the state of 10,000 lakes I have been targeting every type of species the waters of Minnesota have to offer ever since I was handed my first fishing pole.

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