Xcite Baits Product Review

Xcite Baits

Fishing is a strange hobby. Around the world Millions of
men, woman and children tie lures to the end of line to try and trick fish into
biting to pull them in for a quick photo or to win some cash. From an outsiders
point a view this could seem kind of strange. However, we all know that feeling
of a fish picking up your bait or dragging your bobber underwater and
understand its beauty.

Through my years I have been an addict to every new lure
that hit the market. Buying thousands of dollars worth of gear and lures just
to say I have them. As I grew up I realized that it was effecting my fishing
and mental awareness on the water. So I decided to do a major cut back on
tackle buying and to find companies that I like and learn their product’s every

One of those companies is Xcite Baits. Although I have not been using their products
long I know they are well made, reliable and take a different approach to the
bait class that they make. Offering baits such as the Raptor Tail Craw, or
their shakey head worms called Slim-X.

A huge plus is their entire plastics product line floats,
which is key in mimicking a crawfish or worm in the defensive position. That
alone will get you more bites, but there is more too them than just the
floating aspect.  Xcite baits offer great
color schemes as well as the classics colors we all use.

I prefer using spinning gear when I rig my shakey heads.
Depending on if I am fishing docks or timber will way on what type of line I
use. For the most part I am using 10-12 lb Berkley Trilene 100%
line on a 6’ 9” Veritas Abu Garcia rod with a Soren SX40 Abu Garcia reel. The
sensitivity on the rod really lets me feel those light bites that can easily be

Another great bait Xcite offers that can be flipped around
dock is the Raptor Tail Craw. When using a Raptor Tail Craw to flip under
docks, I am able to fish it weightless and still have enough weight to really
launch it into the underside of any cover. The length and body profile of this
bait are great for getting the attention of big bass hiding under the shade.

The sturdy plastic used to create these baits really makes
them last fish after fish. Some plastic companies use to soft of plastic that
rips and tears after every fish. Xcite baits makes plastics that will last
longer which in the end helps you wallet. The prices are very reasonable and
the owners are great to deal with.

If you’re looking for a company that offers a different look
to these classic fish catching baits, check out XciteBaits.com. Lloyd and
Andrea are happy to answer any questions you have and make sure you are getting
the right baits and getting them fast. Good luck on the water.


Born and raised in the state of 10,000 lakes I have been targeting every type of species the waters of Minnesota have to offer ever since I was handed my first fishing pole.

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